An increasing number of Democrats are becoming aware that their party is too judgmental, sensitive, and too “woke” for large swathes of America.

Why it is important: They warn that Trumpian candidates could be helped by Democrats if they force politically correct terms and new norms down voters’ throats.

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Top DemocratsThey says they are aware of the danger. Already, there has been a significant backlash against the “defund police” rhetoric.

  • Eric Adams, former NYPD CaptainThis week, won New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary. He showed his party the power and reach of a message that supports law enforcement while promoting justice and reform.
  • “If we are looking for SAFETY, We NEED the NYPD! AdamsSaysOn his campaign website. He also acknowledged that “at the same time,” there was a crisis in confidence in police officers.

James Carville, Democratic strategist has been warning his party for months about this, and told Vox in an April interview:

  • “You will never get the sense.”People in faculty lounges at fancy colleges speak a different language from ordinary people.  This is not the way voters speak.

Peggy Noonan, Conservative columnist This week, I wrote according to the Wall Street Journal, she believes that the left misunderstands its position and “overplays its hand.”

  • She cited a new essay by Kevin DrumFormerly of Mother Jones and Washington Monthly, she wrote: “[T]he truth of the matter is that the Democratic Party was pulled far enough left so that even lots more non-crazy persons find us just plain frightening — something that Fox News vigorously takes advantage of.”

The flip side ofHow to Be an Antiracist“AuthorIbram X. KendiDirector of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University, is. submitted Atlantic reported Friday that Republican operatives had “created a monster to scare Americans and present themselves as the nation’s defenders against that monster.”

What we are hearing: Axios’ Margaret Talev, Alayna Treene, and their aides inform Axios that moderate and swing-district legislators and aides warn that Democrats running like Sen. Elizabeth Warren as president could cause massive losses to the party in next year’s midterms.

  • An ex-Senate aide’s “bye-bye majority” for Democrats who run on “extreme wakefulness.”

The lines between the lines: How different will the 2020 midterms be from 2020? When the same ideas and talking points were being debated, people voted for Democrats in Nov. While the presidency was at stake in this election, other social or cultural issues were also on the line.

What to Watch: This tension is a major test for President Biden. President Biden is well aware that the rise of the left in his party could prove to be electorally devastating, despite its potential for media coverage and fundraising.

Axios’ Kim Hart, Alayna Treene, and Alayna Treene reported on the story

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