Man charged with trafficking heroin. Jul. 10–David Dunaway (45), of Booneville was arrested for first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than two grams of methamphetamine), possession, and purchasing or possessing drug paraphernalia. He was located at the Country Side Inn by Richmond police.

Officers arrived on the scene and Dunaway, who was under arrest, agreed to talk with them. According to the citation, there were two syringes present in the room.

A second person in the room agreed to speak with officers.

According to a citation Dunaway stated that when Dunaway was asked about anything in the room, he replied, “That’s what I wanted to discuss with you.”

Dunaway stated that there could be some methamphetamine and marijuana in the room and gave permission for Officers to search it. He also claimed that the drugs belonged primarily to himself.

Officers found a black zip-up pouch with a piece of cellophane sticking out. The cellophane contained around 12.16 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Officers found a marijuana joint in a cigarette pack. Officers found two small amounts of marijuana in the bags.

According to Dunaway, he didn’t realize that he had as much methamphetamine as he thought.

Officers asked Dunaway how long the meth would last, and he replied that he wouldn’t use it all. He claimed that someone had given it to him.

Officers also found a broken pipe made of glass with a straw attached to it and residue on the table near the window.

Dunaway was transported to the Madison County Detention Center.

Five charges are brought against a man after a traffic stop

Charles Carroll, 54, from Richmond was charged with no registration plates and first-offense failure to own required insurance. Second offense driving with a DUI suspended license. Menacing. Also, second-degree disorderly behavior after Madison County Sheriff’s Office sheriff’s officers noticed Carroll’s expired tags.

After Carroll had turned into Battlefield Apartments, on Berea Road, the deputy activated their emergency lights.

Carroll continued his truck through the back parking lot to the back of the apartments. He stopped his truck immediately and stepped out, heading towards his apartment.

Carroll was told by deputies to remain in the truck. He replied that he was at his house and didn’t need to do anything.

Carroll refused to comply with the deputies’ requests and instead walked away, cussing at law enforcement and shouting. The above-mentioned deputies informed Carroll that he would be held for his aggressive behavior and that he would be taken into custody. He repeatedly refused to comply.

According to the citation, the deputy took a step back and drew his Taser. He said that he would use it in case Carroll didn’t comply. Carroll agreed to the citation and deputies carried out their investigation into the traffic stop.

Carroll, who seemed to be struggling, was placed in the vehicle. He was taken to Madison County Detention Center.

Richmond woman arrested for trying to burglarize a deceased man

Officers responded to a Vescio Street address on Thursday morning and made contact with the caller, who stated that someone was in his father’s house. According to the citation the caller stated that no one should be within or around the residence.

Officers from Richmond Police Department were able to locate Melissa Malicote (52), who was found in her backyard. When she was asked why she was there she replied that she was going to clean up the area around the pond. The citation says she has given her Miranda Rights and that she consented to answer questions.

According to the citation Malicote stated that she was there to send a letter to the homeowner to thank him for the work she did previously. Officers asked her why she was there and she replied that the deceased loved the pond and wanted it to be kept clean.

Officers located a set of pruning shears on the back porch. According to the citation, the pruning shears were found inside the door frame’s fresh pry marks. A knife was also found in the purse of the officer, with the tip still intact. The knife’s tip was found at the bottom of the backdoor door frame.

Malicote stated that she knew the homeowner had died because she was there when the homeowner passed away.

According to the citation, Malicote, who was under arrest, said “something to effect that, ‘So, how am I supposed to get paid for all my work?'”

She was charged with second-degree attempted burglary and possessing burglary tools. She was transported to the Madison County Detention Center.

Other arrests include:

–Christie Reed (44), Richmond, first-degree, 1st offense possession of controlled substances (heroin), possession marijuana, public intoxication with a controlled drug (excludes alcohol).

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