Selena Gomez is ready to make a splash in the swimwear world.

The singer, actress and activist, 28, recently teamed up with La’Mariette to design a swimwear line that is all about “celebrating the fact that all bodies are beautiful,” according to a press release from the brand.

Gomez was tapped by the founders of the brand, Theresa Mingus and Morgan Brutocao, to put her stamp on a six-style collaboration, launching July 3.

“It was really fun for us to play around with creating swimsuits because [the founders] and I love being outside so much,” Gomez said in a statement.


She added in the statement that she wanted to get outside her comfort zone when picking designs for the collection.

“After going through swatches, my favorite color was purple; I wanted to stay away from colors I’m used to like red and white,” she said. “Purple felt different for me. And we added pops of color like green and neons here and there; it really becomes your own suit, however you wear it

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