Shea Couleé doesn’t come to play, they came to slay.

And after a long day of the slaying, whether that involves recording an episode of their America’s Next Top Model-themed podcast, starring as Marcia Brady in Paramount+’s drag edition of The Brady Bunch, or simply sharing one of their countless gorgeous drag looks on Instagram, Couleé likes to unwind in the bath.

So it makes sense that the RuPaul Drag Race All Stars 5 winner now wants to share their wealth of knowledge on crafting the perfect bath with their $100,00 bar, a deeply moisturizing bar soap created in collaboration with The Quiet Girl Shoppe, a female, Black-owned small business that makes artisanal body care products with all-natural ingredients.

Couleé and The Quiet Girl Shoppe founder Adrienne Williams-Simmons’s meeting was kismet. The drag queen discovered the soaps through Instagram (a longtime friend helps Williams-Simmons run the business), and then Williams-Simmons coincidentally reached out to Couleé about a potential collaboration.

“I love soap because honestly, the bath is where I do my meditation and all of my relaxing and self-care,” Couleé tells InStyle. “My boyfriend Dan and I ordered some soaps from The Quiet Girl Shoppe and they were just so fantastic. Then, it was like they read our minds because they reached out asking if I’d be interested in doing a collaboration. And so for the past year, we’ve been working on developing the formula for the $100,000 Bar.”

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