After two additional bodies were pulled out of the rubble overnight, the death toll from the collapsed condo on the beachfront in Surfside in Fla. climbed to 20 Friday.

One of them was the 7 year-old daughter of a Miami Firefighter.

The grim news was made by Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County Mayor, at a press conference on Friday morning.

Cava stated that “Last night, we discovered two more victims.” “Tragically one of those victims was a 7-year old daughter of a Miami firefighter.”

Cava stated that while every night since the collapse of the building has been hard for rescue workers and families, “last night was unique and truly difficult” for first responders.

She said, “These men-and-women are taking an immense human toll every day.” “And I ask you to keep them all in your thoughts, prayers, and thoughts.”

The identities of the firefighter’s daughter and his father were not revealed.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez stated that the fire department was suffering tremendously and that the chief had requested privacy.

Suarez stated that “this tragedy haunted so many because so many have known someone in this building or been affected by it.”

He said, “I am the father of two children. I have a seven-year-old boy.” It is impossible to imagine him losing this way.

According the Miami Herald the man and his brother, a firefighter, “kept an vigil from the night of collapse, staying on site every day until the girl was found.”

He wasn’t part of the search, and he was not there when his daughter was discovered.

Many firefighters and search teams from Israel and Mexico have been working around the clock to find signs of life.Memorial to victims of the Surfside building collapse in Florida. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Since Thursday’s partial collapse of Champlain Towers South, 37 people were rescued from the rubble.

Because of fears that the second half might fall, rescue and search efforts were temporarily stopped Thursday.

Cava stated that engineers are currently assessing whether the remaining part of the building could be demolished, without disrupting the search to find survivors.

“Every victim that we remove, it is difficult,” Miami-Dade Fire Chief Alan Cominsky stated. “Last night was more difficult when we were removing the daughter of a fellow firefighter.

He said, “As firefighters we do what they do.” It’s a calling. It still takes a lot.”

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