Tszyu VS Spark Live Stream is now come out. If you don’t know how you can watch Tszyu VS Spark Live Stream then learn here.. After stepping in late to fight Tim Tszyu at Newcastle this week, Steve Spark has been called the “Cinderella Man.” But it wasn’t long before the tables turned.

Tszyu was an undercard fighter almost four years ago. He had just seven months and five fights to his professional career when he faced Chris Khan at Rumours International in Toowoomba.

Spark, a Toowoomba resident, fought Alessio Cassisara on the same card. Rivan Cesaire fought Jamie Hilt to win the Australian welterweight title.

Although his last name was well-known, Tszyu was not higher up the card than Spark that night.

Tszyu VS Spark Live Stream


Tszyu VS Spark Live Stream

The 18-0 Tszyu doesn’t lose sight of the irony in this week’s fight.

“(This fight has) made his career. Tszyu said that he respects any fighter who takes over on a week’s notice.

“It was my first year in the military, and I was fighting all over, man.

“I was fighting undercards wherever I went – it didn’t matter, but back then, I wasn’t the main act.”


Tim Tszyu VS Stevie Spark Fight Date

Tszyu was a bit of a wanderer in the first two years of his career. He fought on cards in Sydney and Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland, and Bendigo.

He continued to improve his professional ranks. He fought undercards to Mundine-Green II, Pacquiao–Horn, a Joseph Parker Undercard, and a fight night held at The Star headlined Jack Brubaker, a future opponent.

“Things are changing. Tszyu said that consistency and hard work are the keys to success.

“It would have been the same fight between Spark and me back then, maybe he a bit more.

“I’m 19 now, and he had 13. He’s been overtaken by me.”

This is an excellent example of how fast Tszyu has risen.


Tszyu VS Spark Live Stream on Facebook

If you want to watch live on Facebook, you can follow this. I really found this only for you. He was already headlining his pay-per-view shows in Sydney by 2019, and he will be performing in two stadium events in 2020.

After his fight with Zerafa, Tszyu appeared to be on track to face the top 154-pound division fighters overseas. But things quickly change in boxing, with Spark taking over on seven days’ notice.

Spark said that despite fighting at different weights, he felt that he would meet Tszyu in the ring at one point.

This is not how the ‘SoulTaker’ sees things. After beating Michael Zerafa, he planned to go overseas.

“Never. “Never.

“After that, I was done with Australia. Everyone knows this. I want to test myself against the big guys overseas.

“I can fight here, but I want to be able to fight in Australia. This is all I ask for. I will be speaking to my manager and the Rose boys about the next one.

“But I don’t underestimate this guy, he is a great fighter, and he’s coming out to win.

All of Australia’s boxing community will be watching Tim Tszyu’s attempt to end Stevie Spark’s “Cinderella” story. But when will it begin?

On Wednesday, the two will meet at Newcastle Entertainment Centre. The fight will be broadcast live on Kayo or Main Event.


Tszyu VS Spark Fight Time

The full card will be covered at 7 pm. The first bout will see Miles Zalewski (8-1) fight Lee Fook (0-2).

Other fights were Sam Ah See (13-0-1) against Czar Amonsot (355-5-3) or Linn Sandstrom (1-1 against Natalie Hills (debut at super flyweight).

The IBO international super-welterweight title is at stake as Wade Ryan (18-9), and Troy O’Meley (11-0) fight ten rounds.

Joe Noynay will defend his super featherweight title against Australian undefeated Liam Wilson in the final bout before Sparks and Tszyu.

Spark and Tszyu are expected to join the main event at 9.30 pm.

Spark (12-11 KO) is the heavy underdog alongside Tszyu (18-1, 14 KO).


Tim Tszyu vs. Stevie Spark FULL CARD

Tim Tszyu vs. Steve Spark 10×3 minutes rounds – WBO Global & vacant Commonwealth super-welterweight titles

Joe Noynay and Liam Wilson – 10×3 minutes rounds – WBO Asia Pacific super featherweight title.

Wade Ryan vs. Troy O’Meley 10×3 minutes rounds – IBO international Super Welterweight title

Sam Ah-See vs. Czar amongst – 8×3 minutes rounds – Welterweight

Linn Sandstrom vs. Natalie Gonzales Hills – 6×2 minutes rounds – vacant ANBF Australasian Super Flyweight title

Miles Zalewski and Lee Fook – 8×3 minutes rounds

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