TV news crews are increasingly threatened with violence. The Washington Post reports that television news crews are increasingly being attacked and threatened with violence while they work,

Driving the news: One in five TV news directors is a TV news directorSurveyedAccording to the Post, the Radio Television Digital News Directors Association claimed that their crews were attacked in the last year.

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Half of the incidents were reported while covering mass gatherings. Only 15% occurred at random.

“What we are seeing now is part a disturbing trend in [TV] journalists being put in danger in what otherwise would be routine stories,” Dan Shelley said to the Post.

A minimum of 86% of station managers stated that they had changed security precautions in the last year. This included removing logos from company vehicles and assigning multiple reporters, sometimes with a spotter or security aide, to cover a story.

The big picture threats against TV news crews have increased following an increase in attacks on media. This includes journalists being arrested.AttemptedDuring protests to receive persistent verbal attacks by former President Trump. Axios’ Sara Fischer reports.

Recent attacks on TV news crews include:

Two men armed with guns attempted to rob the equipment of a San Francisco TV station last month, while they were conducting an interview in Oakland. A security guard pulled a gun and stopped the robbery.

While reporters were covering the aftermath of a house fire, a man opened fire on a San Antonio TV reporter. The gunman was later killed by police.

Last week, the Justice Department began to arrest individuals who allegedly assaulted journalists and damaged TV cameras during the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

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