WBA 100th Anniversary

WBA 100th Anniversary means the World Boxing Association, then known as the National Boxing Association, was founded on July 2, 1921. Jack Dempsey was hailed as the heavyweight world champion and defeated Georges Carpentier, the light heavyweight champion. He became the first world champion to be recognized by an international sanctioning body.

A few weeks prior to the fight, 13 boxing commissioners met in Rhode Island. They established the NBA which sanctioned title fights as well as established world ratings. 41 years later, WBA was established.

WBA 100th Anniversary

Dempsey – Carpenter was an event that set several historical milestones in boxing.

1) This was the first sports event to have a large presence of women (for Carpentier, the heartthrob) among nearly 90,000 people who filled Boyle’s Thirty Acres, Jersey City, New Jersey.

2) It was the first-ever million-dollar gate, with $1,789 238 in tickets ranging from $5 to $50. Later, it was revealed that George “Tex” Rickard regrets not having sold tickets at a higher cost.

It was also the first live broadcast on radio.

Jack Dempsey was the first WBA World Champion 100 years ago. Since then, all WBA champions have followed the footsteps of “Manassa Mauler”.

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